What better for starting a new year than publishing a brand new plugin for my favorite Laravel based CMS : OctoberCMS !

Here comes the Catalog plugin ! But, hey, it’s just a catalogue, nothing really special about that !

Yeah, it’s a catalogue, but a fully featured one ! Let’s see :

  • Multiple categories
  • Categories Tree
  • Choose to display categories by list or by thumbs
  • Make your own categories view !
  • Display subcategories
  • Display product lists
  • Define your own products custom fields

What are limitations of this plugin ?

This is not an ecommerce plugin, as you can’t manage orders and payments.

So, when should I use this plugin ?

You can use it to present your products, (B to B for example), or you can sell your products by adding a PayPal button. You could also use Stripe to sell your products.

Oh wait, this is a paid plugin !

Yes. 15$ for this plugin is not a big deal I think. There’s a couple of hours behind to develop this plugin. And those dollars will be used to provide support for users and development of future features.

And don’t forget that 30% goes to OctoberCMS funder, so by buying this plugin you also support OctoberCMS.