Solution finder, Maker, Archer, Judoka, Motor biker, VFX addict, Allergic to social networks except GitHub.

I'm 36 years old, father and PHP developer for 7 years, freelance for 5 years.
I have discovered Laravel 4 in late 2013 and I play with until now. Why am I using OctoberCMS ? Time saving. A couple of years ago, I have developed a small CMS, with backend included inside the website. It was full scratch PHP, very interesting. But if knowing how to make this kind of stuff is good, make such a big thing alone is a pain, and maintain it is a plague. As OctoberCMS is very flexible, it makes me having more time available to develop useful plugins instead of reinventing the wheel.

Frontend developer : HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, AngularJs
Backend developer : PHP, Laravel
Various : Python enthusiast, Linux systems lover